Aerospace Precision Manufacturing

EDRO’s aerospace division specializes in manufacturing precision machined components using the toughest high-alloyed materials with the tightest tolerance requirements.

EDRO’s aerospace division is located at EDRO’s headquarters in Walnut, CA.   The aerospace division specializes in manufacturing large precision-machined components from the toughest materials with the tightest tolerance requirements.

EDRO Walnut has focused its investments on high torque, rigid, and extremely accurate machining centers for tackling the toughest requirements.  EDRO uses a combination of horizontal, vertical, and mill turn capabilities to address a variety of components.  Our systems are set up with multi pallet and multi spindle strategies to reduce human intervention and maximize efficiency.

Our material background and associated companies provide access to key suppliers and distributors for many materials and forgings.  Our Southern California location provides easy access to many local NADCAP suppliers for most special processes reducing overall lead times.  EDRO is ISO9001/AS9100D certified.

What Sets Us Apart
  • Highly skilled and dedicated team
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Unmatched precision and repeatability
  • Specialized in machining high alloyed tough materials
  • Temperature controlled environment
  • Tight tolerances held at .0002″ location and size
  • Large plate and round bar capacity
In House Services
  • CNC machining
  • Saw cutting
  • Precision plate processing
  • Gun drilling
  • Surface grinding
  • CNC programming and engineering
  • CMM inspection
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(13) Precision Vertical Machining Centers: Maximum part size 60” x 102”
(10) Precision Horizontal Machining Centers (4 and 5 Axis): Maximum part size 60” x 80”
(4) CNC Deep Hole Drill Machines: Maximum part size 60” x 80”
(5) Vertical Rotary Grinders: Maximum part size 96” diameter
(3) NC Surface Grinders: Maximum part size 78” x 118”
(2) CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines: Maximum part size 33.4” x 70.8”
(1) Integrated Mill Turn Center (9 Axis): Maximum part size 26” diameter x 60” length

Our Precision Equipment