Custom Mold Bases

EDRO employs the latest in state-of-the-art technology and equipment with a team of skilled machinists and knowledgeable technicians that pride themselves on producing a first rate job with unmatched precision and repeatability.

EDRO specializes in manufacturing high cavitation custom mold bases, designed to demonstrate precision alignment and long lasting performance. EDRO regularly produces high cavitation stripper plate, stack, double-stack and hot-runner bases, as well as auto unwind and runnerless mold bases to exacting tolerances.

In addition to an experienced team of machinists and technicians, EDRO utilizes the latest in emerging technology, software, and state-of-the-art equipment.   Every job receives the time and effort necessary to produce a first rate mold.

EDRO employs many unique quality control techniques to further enhance the accuracy of our work. The entire finish-machining department is housed in a temperature controlled environment, minimizing plate and machine movement as final tolerances are achieved.  We inspect all critical plates and locations in a temperature controlled inspection room, which is regulated to plus or minus 1 degree of the desired mark.  EDRO also laser calibrates each machine on a regular basis. These steps are performed to ensure that each feature on our mold plates is at its true location, traceable to the US Bureau of Standards. Over time, many of our customers update or change certain mold plates as the life of the mold progresses. They rely on EDRO to  machine the features of the new plate at “true” locations, thereby achieving accurate mold interchangeability.

EDRO’s mold base division is located in Walnut, California.

Custom Mold Bases
What Sets Us Apart
  • Highly skilled and dedicated team
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Unmatched precision and repeatability
  • Large plate capacity of 60” x 102” and 17,600 pounds
  • Tight tolerances held at .0002” location and size
  • Temperature controlled environment
In House Services
  • CNC machining
  • Saw cutting
  • 6 side precision plate processing
  • Gun drilling
  • Surface grinding
  • CNC programming and engineering
  • CMM inspection
.dxf & .dwg
.sldasm, .sldprt (Quote Only)
.x_t & .x_b (Parasolid) .prt (NX Version)
.pdf (Quote Only)
Neutral File Format .step
(13) Precision Vertical Machining Centers: Maximum part size 60” x 102”
(10) Precision Horizontal Machining Centers (4 and 5 Axis): Maximum part size 60” x 80”
(4) CNC Deep Hole Drill Machines: Maximum part size 60” x 80”
(5) Vertical Rotary Grinders: Maximum part size 96” diameter
(3) NC Surface Grinders: Maximum part size 78” x 118”
(2) CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines: Maximum part size 33.4” x 70.8”
(1) Mill Turn Center (9 Axis) Maximum part size 26” diameter x 60” length

Our Precision Equipment