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CNC Machining

6 Sided Plate Processing

Gun Drilling

Saw Cutting

Surface Grinding

Backed by state-of-the-art equipment, a skilled and experienced team, a painstaking dedication to quality, EDRO machining services provides our customers with shorter delivery times, superior quality and greater accuracy.

EDRO provides machining services to support your tooling applications.  We provide quick turnarounds on saw cut pieces and 6 side processed plates.  Our gun drilling department is a specialized process designed to drill holes with a high depth to diameter ratio. We utilize top of the line machining centers and specialize in holding tight tolerances with excellent surface finishes.  Our surface grinding department can handle larger plate capacities with tight tolerances on flat and parallel.

CNC Machining
  • Precision milling and drilling capabilities
  • Large plate capacity of 60” x 102” and 17,600lbs
  • Specialize in tight tolerances
  • State of the art equipment
  • Laser calibrated machines
  • Quick turnaround times on 6-side precision milled or ground plates
  • Typical tolerance flat square and parallel of ± 0.002”
  • Edge preparation radius or chamfer available
  • Lift holes
Gun Drilling / Deep Hole Drilling
  • Our specialized equipment can drill holes 1/8” to 2” diameter and up to 60” deep.
Surface Grinding
  • Typical flat and parallel tolerance of ± 0.0002″
  • Maximum plate capacity 79” x 120”
Saw Cutting
  • Capable of cutting round bars, flat bars, and blocks