EDRO proudly offers products that can be applied to enhance racing performance and increase the life of automotive components.


DLC Coatings


PerforMet™ alloy from Materion is a nickel-silicide  strengthened copper alloy with high strength and high thermal conductivity. It resists mechanical wear, corrosion and galling and has a low coefficient of friction when mated to other metals. PerforMet alloy retains its strength at elevated temperatures. It is non-magnetic and easily machined.


DLC Coatings

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coatings are amorphous carbons (a-C:H and a-C:Me based) with extremely low friction coefficients that assist by adding lubricity, which in turn, reduces the pickup of adhesive steel and aluminum particles, and promotes the release of injectable plastic material.


BÖHLER Steels, with the UNLIMITED series BOHLER offers optimized as well as newly developed material solutions designed for demanding Racing applications. One example would be our BÖHLER W460 UNLIMITED which is optimized to an outstanding fatigue strength and balanced mechanical properties.

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