When It Becomes Clear

Working with tooling specialists, BÖHLER has developed M333 ISOPLAST with revolutionary composition, manufactured via a new melting technology.  This process gives M333 the advantages of:

Best In Class Polishability

Enhanced Thermal Conductivity

Outstanding Toughness

Exceptional Corrosion Resistance


Böhler M333 ISOPLAST, a stainless steel with the toughness of H13

Testing has shown M333 Isoplast to exhibit up to 4x the toughness levels seen in 420 stainless steel and almost matching the toughness of H13. This allows molds to have all the benefits of stainless steel without the risk of cracking!


Thermal Conductivity

Don’t compromise on cycle time when using Böhler M333 Isoplast stainless steel

M333 ISOPLAST’s unique chemistry and pressure electroslag remelting process give M333 enhanced thermal conductivity almost matching H13. Increased thermal conductivity allows for faster cycle times up to 20% compared to traditional 420 ESR.


Böhler M333 ISOPLAST for best finish and reduced polishing times

In M333 ISOPLAST, primary and secondary carbides are significantly reduced by lowering the carbon content and optimising chemical composition, resulting in improved microstructure.  Combining this with M333‘s unique P-ESR remelting process allows for superior finishes and faster polishing times.

Corrosion Resistance

Wipe out corrosion with Böhler M333 ISOPLAST

M333 modified alloying composition improves corrosion resistance by reducing carbides and improving the free chromium within the steels matrix. M333’s double remelting process ensures a homogenous microstructure to give provide exceptional corrosion resistance.


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