Technical Services

Mold and Die Design Review

Material Selection Support

Heat Treatment Consultation

Failure Analysis and Investigation

Simulation and Analysis

Coordinate Package Solutions

EDRO has an experienced team of metallurgists and technicians available to help our customers in all aspects of their tooling programs. Our dedicated team can assist in mold and design review, help select the most suitable material for the job, assist with machining questions, or help with heat treatment recommendations.

In case of unexpected failure, EDRO can assist in metallurgical investigations including hardness, microstructure, SEM, and chemical composition with access to one of the most advanced metallurgical laboratories.

Mold and Die Design Review
  • Functionality review
  • Material characteristics
  • Life time analysis
  • Failure mode prevention
Material Selection Support
  • Review of tooling parameters
  • Physical and mechanical properties
  • Machinability and heat treatment aspects
  • Analysis of total tooling costs and costs per part
Heat treatment Consultation
  • Heat treat recommendations
  • Shrinkage and machining considerations
  • Certified supplier references
Failure Analysis And Investigation
  • Metallurgical investigations
  • Failure mode identification
  • Corrosion testing
  • Mechanical properties
Simulation and Analysis
Coordinate Package Solutions
  • From raw steel to processed parts
  • Coordination of production steps
  • Heat treatment / machining / coating