Additive Manufacturing

Offering End-to-End Additive Manufacturing Services from powder to finished components. voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centers in North America are a ONE-STOP-SHOP developing solutions to meet our customers needs.

AM Metal Powders


Prototyping and Production

Complete AM Solutions

Additive Build and Post Processing

We offer a variety of build technologies such as direct metal laser sintering and direct metal deposition.

Capability to print a variety of steels and super alloys, from producing single prototypes to serial production.

Post processing capabilities such as machining, grinding, polishing, heat treatment as well as coatings.

Design, Engineering, Simulation

Design expertise in multiple industries such as Die Casting, Injection Molding, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, and Automotive; as an example: conformal cooling applications.

Capability to run various simulations such as FEA, CFD, heat transfer, plastic molding, metal forming, metal casting, metal extrusion, topology optimization.

AMPO Powders

Metal Powder tailored to customer applications

  • Böhler E185 AMPO
  • Böhler L625 AMPO
  • Böhler L718 AMPO
  • Böhler M789 AMPO
  • Böhler N700 AMPO
  • Böhler W360 AMPO
  • Böhler W722 AMPO